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Eastern Sierra

Land of Contrasts, Land of Extremes. The Eastern Sierra region of California is at once little known and widely loved. Geographically separated from populated California, two main influences create a distinctly wild and scenic character. The Sierra Nevada Range is the longest, highest and most diverse mountain range in the continental U.S. In the High Sierra, it is a mere 80 miles from the highest peak, Mt. Whitney 14,494 ft, to the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park 282 ft below sea level.

Eastern Sierra

Inyo-White Mountain Range

White Mountaine Peak, located at Chalfant Valley and East of HW-6 near of the city Bishop. It is third highest peak in California and highest outside of Sierra Nevada. Inyo-White mountains which are composed of some of oldest sedimentary rocks in California with fossils nearly 600 million years old and oldes trees over 4,700 years old and tree-rings have been used to create a record datingback over 8,600 years. On East side of Inoy-White Range located lowest point in the Western Hemishere, Badwater Basing, Death Valley National Park 282 ft below see level.