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Россияне, проснитесь. Кто вами правит - больной человек, психический урод по рождению, вор, лгун, криминал. Его имя Путин. Он перешагнул Гитлера, Сталина. Забыли СССР. Проснитесь, уберите эту сволоч от власти и его свиту. Они уничтошают не только украинцев но и русских и вас в целом как людей.
Putin. Triumph rednecks

Putin & Rednecks Secret love for Putin in eastern Ukraine : Cattle found a new owner! Slaves are ready to get into the yoke to Putin. Redneck - it offensive "label ", which some people do not want to leave the Donbass. Politicians inspire us to think that these people need to talk and listen to them carefully! A redneck, meanwhile, revels in its own imaginary importance and continues waving Russian flags. But unless it Donbass? After all, there is quite normal people! Redneck - it's not just the lexicon or demeanor, redneck - a system of values! And in countries such as Russia, obydlyachivanie citizens is a government program. Why is it done? All very easy - easy to manage cattle... How much longer will we tolerate and listen to trash?

Ruslana: Putin organized unrest
NBC News, 07.04.2014

Pro-Russian demonstrators seized government buildings in three cities over the past few days in Ukraine's eastern region. Former Ukrainian parliamentarian and pop star Ruslana Lyzhychko discusses the latest with Ronan Farrow.

Ruslana in New York sang Anthem of Ukraine

At the opening ceremony of the Women in the Wolrd Summit Ukrainian singer Ruslana activist Evromaydana performed a special new version of the hymn in Ukrainian and English symphonic rock processing style celebrations mesc guitar music of Bach and Queen.

Comparison speeches Putin and Hitler (Shuster Live, 21.03.2014)

Sorry, in russian only...

The mistake is made.
Oleksandr Ivanovych Muzychko - is killed

My opinion.
The Russian SUKI which lick an ass to Putin. Because of you the mistake is made. That is killed whom Putin is afraid. That is which protected the Maidan. What ruined Putin's plan. My brother is killed. You know only negative about it.... More than such patriots it is necessary for Ukraine, for restoration of a true order for honest and free life. Sashko didn't die, He executed the program of the life. Glory to Ulraina's heroes. Glory to Ukraine.
How it is necessary to go on the native earth when it was seized by invaders? - In a tie with a black shirt? - or up in arms. Why military units and divisions without uniform shot were left? Shame....
Sashko wouldn't allow.

Kill Sasha Bilogo: causes and possible consequences Александр Музычко

Elimination of armed radical threatens to become a detonator for the fragile political situation in Ukraine and give new trump card in the hands of its enemies.
Tonight (March 24, 2014) was killed in exactly one of the leaders of the right sector of the Western Ukraine Alexander Muzychko, it - odious radical Bellamy Bily. Muzychko publicly known primarily for his appearance at a meeting of the regional administration with a Kalashnikov assault rifle , as well as the fact that the tie dragged the local prosecutor. The official position of the authorities - shot during a criminal to resist arrest. Opinion Bilogo comrades on the right sector - "cops " declaring war Ukrainian heroes , play into the hands of the Kremlin and facilitate the introduction of Russian troops on the whole territory of Ukraine . Russians reacted to the incident relatively restrained , while making it clear that eliminating Muzychko police - no more than competes with the right sector for power business . From their point of view , neither of which legal regime in Ukraine can not be out of the question , and therefore , Ukrainians need fraternal assistance not only in the Crimea .
The official version
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine insists that death Muzychko be viewed solely as the removal of a dangerous criminal , regardless of his political views and some revolutionary achievements . "Tonight was conducted a special operation to neutralize armed groups on the territory of Rivne region. The actions of the gang are clearly visible signs of banditry. White wanted to escape through the window and opened fire. During the shooting, was killed. Another three detained colleagues Muzychko brought to Kiev interrogation in the Main Investigation Department . The complex of operational activities , "- said at a press conference, the first deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Evdokimov . After this statement, the police , according to Ukrainian radicals , again was not with the people. Even if law enforcement officers just trying to restore order in the country. Calls for the right sector to lay down arms sounded not only from security forces. They sounded , and activists from the Maidan , not wanting to participants in the revolution associated with gangsters . For example, a community activist Tatiana Chornovol LigaBusinessInform said in an interview : " Right sector must either surrender their arms , or let it go to serve activists in the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine ."
From First-person
Ten days before his death Muzychko recorded and promulgated a formal appeal , in which he stated that the new government prepares or his removal or delivery of the Russian special services . " Manual of the Prosecutor General has set a target to form the MIA special squad to eliminate political opponents . Primarily, they are going to destroy me personally . Destroy or capture alive and give intelligence agencies of the Russian Federation , then to blame it on the Russians . So begins the new government . Please consider official appeal to the SBU , "- he said. Muzychko treatment and eventual death became a kind of time bomb that threatens to further radicalization fighters right sector - this time against the current government , which nationalists yesterday fought shoulder to shoulder against the regime of Yanukovych.
Reaction of the right sector
The assumption that the right sector declares war yesterday associates Maidan , indirectly confirmed by representatives of the organization 's first reaction . Leader of the right sector in Volyn Danilchuk Paul called the police action "a crime aimed at the destruction of the heroes of the revolution ." Deputy head of the central sector of the Right Staff Andrew Denisenko accused security forces and power in collusion with Russia . " The murder of Alexander Muzychko - it is a direct order fulfillment of the Kremlin and the obvious provocation Ukrainian domestic armed conflict between the current government and the right sector . Was under his pretext Putin it was easier to launch large-scale military intervention in Ukraine " , - said Denisenko . "We will take revenge for the death of Arsen Avakov our fellow man. Bilogo shooting Sasha - this was a targeted killing. Indeed subpoenas regarding any criminal cases Muzychko did not get , and it will not cause " - voiced threat to the Minister of Internal Affairs Coordinator Right sector in Rivne region Roman Koval .
Dilemma Yarosh
Despite the sharpness of the comments , the official leader of the right common position on the sector today killing long not been made public . The reason for this can be considered a status Dmitry Yarosh - leader of the right -sector plans to run for president, because the enemy openly call the police and call for bloody revenge for his inexcusable. On the other hand , silence Yarosh , who intends to run for president, may cause protest privates right sectors . In this case, possible split within the nationalist association for moderate and radical parts. Before Yarosh today faces a difficult task to decide what should be the right sector - illegal armed groups or ultra- political force , ready to fight for seats in parliament. The decision in favor of the first option will put the party outlawed , the second option would inevitably split the radicals and would deprive a large part Yarosha supporters. Only in the evening managed to hear the opinion of Dmitry Yarosh , leader of the right sector echoed his companions , avoiding only the wording of " revenge " and " anti- police ." Yarosh called counter-revolutionary actions of the police and promised to seek the resignation of Arsen Avakov .
Moscow never sleeps
At first glance , the Russian media kept quite reacted to the death of a beloved character in the environment of Ukrainian Nationalists ( several weeks , the Russian propaganda actively exploited Sasha Bilogo colorful image , illustrating them news from Ukraine ) . But for neutral headlines ( " Alexander Muzychko was killed during a special operation " - ITAR-TASS, "In Ukraine shot coordinator " right sector " Alexander Muzychko - Kommersant , " White Nationalist Sasha was killed during the arrest during the raid , "- RIA Novosti ) Russian media remind that Muzychko in the past participated in the fighting in Chechnya , killing Russian soldiers , for which he received an award " Hero of the Nation" personally from the hands of Dudayev . also, the information about the death Muzychko served from the point of view of "showdown " different pressure groups that came to power after the Maidan. Ukrainian police Kremlin propaganda is as a rule identical sector grouping , only in uniform. Hence the conclusion - in Ukraine still there is chaos , anarchy and the infringement of the rights of citizens. According to political analyst Vladimir Fesenko , doubt inflating Russian history with the murder Muzychko not necessary. " I can already see how the Russians are trying to turn the situation to his advantage. As Russian journalists interested in opinion about the consequences of killing Muzychko ask - " Will it cause a new Maidan ? "And" what if new Maidan should be Moscow's reaction ? "- politician said in comments LigaBusinessInform . at the same time, the expert warns the right quadrant of the image creation for Muzychko hero and martyr , especially law enforcement agencies trying to revenge . " in this case, the right sector oppose the whole society. Just this is a betrayal of Ukraine and aiding Russia ", - said Fesenko . Likely death Muzychko will be used by those who are not interested in stabilizing the situation in Ukraine. Would pour oil on the fire a possible radicalization of the Right, the conflicts within the party and in Ukrainian politics .

The illness of Putin is solved

Putin's propoganda - return Russia to time of USSR.

This clip was created under the leadership of Putin and shown in Russia on Central TV. People become a stupid and wild sheeps. That is what called brain wash. Sorry for them. I lived long time ago time of Breshnev. In this film, a copy of times Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev presented in this time by dictator and thief Putin.
Putin is the most powerful thief of our time after the collapse of the USSR. Apart from its economic shenanigans, become a rich on the conduct of hostilities in Chechnya , Georgia , etc. . Now - Ukraine . It is now start time to loss. He was wrong in force and unity of the real Ukrainian people and people who live in Ukraine.
Peter the Great in one of his speeches in the Senate, he said:
"This Little Russian people and exceedingly clever and exceedingly cunning. He seems like industrious bee gives the Russian state and the best honey mental and best wax for the needs of Russian education, but it also has a sting. Until the Russians will love and respect him, without encroaching on the freedom and language until then it will be working for Russian kingdom: but as soon encroach on his freedom and language, then he will grow as the teeth dragon and the Russian kingdom will not have a welfare". (Little Russian people Peter the Great called people from Ukraine).
Studying Ukrainian matter, not stability (which is now) will continue until fall of 2014 with a victory victomover the occupation of Putin. It is not fair to use the word Russia in this matter because some is not agree with Putin and some is victims of putins Crime.
Revolution in Russia will be soon after Ukraine. Putin is "older brother" of former president of Ukraine - Yanukovych.

Russia announced its U.S. requirements for Ukraine: the federalization of recognition "referendum" in the Crimea and derzhstatus Russian language (document)

The document "On Ukraine support group" for signing the American side was referred to the negotiations in London Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Reported by Espresso. TV citing The draft document on the situation in Ukraine, Russia proposed to signing the American side, includes the recognition and respect for the rights of Crimea " to determine their fate on the results of the free will of its people in a referendum 16 March 2014," the Constitutional Assembly with equal representation of all Ukrainian regions" for a new federal constitution "and the Russian language along with Ukrainian as the second state language.
The text of the document:
" The Ministers of Foreign Affairs ...... Concerned about the situation in Ukraine and the fate of its multinational people , Recognizing the legitimate aspirations of all Ukrainians and all regions of the country to live in security, in accordance with their traditions and customs, freely use their mother tongue, have easy access to their culture and maintain extensive ties with their compatriots and neighbors Noting the particular importance of civil peace and national accord in Ukraine to continue constructive relations in the Euro-Atlantic region on the basis of equality and mutual respect of interests of all local states , Agreed to create a support group to facilitate the implementation Ukrainians immediate steps aimed at normalizing the situation in Ukraine , and in this connection we suggest taking the following actions.
1. Immediately implement the obligations contained in the Agreement on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine on February 21, 2014, to confiscate illegal weapons, the release of illegally occupied buildings, streets and squares , as well as on the organization of an objective investigation into the violence in December 2013- February 2014.
2. Without delay convene to address the Verkhovna Rada constitutional assembly with equal representation of all Ukrainian regions for the new federal constitution, according to which : - will be assigned to the rule of law, human rights and all national minorities , freedom of expression and activity of political parties and the media information, as well as other principles to ensure the political system of Ukraine as a democratic federal state with the sovereignty and neutral military and political status; - Russian language along with Ukrainian will be given the status of second official language , and the other languages ​​- the status in accordance with the European Convention on regional and minority languages ​​; - Regions will own directly elected authorities of its legislative and executive powers and have broad powers , reflecting the cultural and historical specificity of each of them , in economics and finance, social , language, education , external interregional relations , while protecting the rights of national minorities residing in each subject of the federation ; - Will be prohibited and punishable interfere in the affairs of the church and interfaith relations. Decision on approval of a new constitution was adopted by the constitutional assembly on the basis of the consent of all participants. The draft constitution was put to a referendum.
3. Immediately after the approval of the new constitution should be assigned to conduct an objective with broad and international observation of national elections, the highest state authorities of Ukraine with the simultaneous election of the legislative and executive authorities in each subject of the federation.
4. Recognizes and respects the right of the ARC to determine their own destiny on the results of the free will of its people in a referendum March 16, 2014 .
5. Established in accordance with the above principles the state system of Ukraine 's sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral military-political status guaranteed Russia, the European Union and the United States with binding UN Security Council resolution . Foreign ministers of the Group of support, ready to actively help all Ukrainian parties in the implementation of the proposed measures and undertake to respect the principles and reached agreement on this basis."

Kiev's protesters: Ukraine uprising was no neo-Nazi power-grab

As life returns to normal in Kiev, Luke Harding encounters frustration over Russian claims of a fascist coup

The Kremlin has named three conditions to military intervention in Ukraine

Russia is ready to make concessions and abandon military intervention. But their price may be the translation of presidential elections, the failure to sign agreements with the EU and NATO.
It is reported with reference to insider sources in BP. During the meeting, Kerry and Lavrov on March 5 in Paris , Russia put forward three demands - the transfer date of the presidential election , the non-entry of Ukraine into NATO and the failure to sign the Association Agreement with the EU in the current edition , says the MP , who previously held a high post in the government. READ TAKZhEPutin may withdraw from the war with Ukraine in return for a protectorate over the Crimea - expert Lawmakers earlier speculated that Vladimir Putin during the military invasion of Crimea interested not only in the annexation of the Crimea, but also the preservation of influence on Ukraine as a whole. " With the help of" rough action " in the Crimea, the Russian Federation is trying to disrupt the presidential elections in Ukraine. Held -scale campaign to prevent legitimate presidential elections ," - said the NSDC Secretary Andrew Paruby . "He ( Putin ) is well aware that if the elections will be held on May 25 , then they will win either Klitschko or Poroshenko . They are both beyond the control of the Kremlin. Why Putin uncontrollable president if he is accustomed to dealing only with the tame " - said one of the deputies BLOW . " He also understands that this government will sign an agreement with the EU, an agreement with NATO . And that he did not have " - he added . Moreover, blow gently hinted that elections are not profitable and also Yulia Tymoshenko - because at this stage it is only the third figure on the ratings . At the same time , consider the source publication , if elections were postponed , it would Tymoshenko has built through the governors controlled vertical of power , would have benefited from the success of the government's reform Yatsenuk , and this wave had won . Moreover, due to the fact that now " Fatherland " effectively controls all the power , she would have had an effect on the formation of all financial flows. At the same time surrounded by Tymoshenko categorically deny this version . However, the transfer of election scenario as Russia , profitable including the Party of Regions , the opposition has denied . It is no coincidence , since Tuesday obscure deputy from the Party of Eugene Muraev introduced a draft resolution to postpone the election on 7 December, and Donetsk lawyer Vladimir Olentsevich known that he was deprived of the title Hero of the suit Roman Shukhevych and Stepan Bandera , appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court concerning unlawful deprivation of powers of President Viktor Yanukovych . However, a legal mechanism , as will be transferred elections until accurately describe nobody can. Even if Ukraine will be placed under martial law , and in this case, the law does not provide clear rules that elections are canceled. As of today, none of the major presidential candidates has not announced the congress , although it must be done before March 30 . But while everyone is waiting for the results of the referendum in the Crimea and Russia further action . A source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that Kiev also sees three conditions for the stabilization of the situation in the country. " This is a political stabilization through the holding of presidential elections on May 25 . Economic stabilization through the IMF credit line . Finally, start immediate dialogue with Russia in the Crimea under the condition that the Kremlin does not promote its troops into the territory of the country " , - said the diplomat. Thus , on the eve of the referendum on the independence of the Crimea Ukrainian authorities do not even hope for an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the peninsula and expect at best to begin negotiations with Moscow brokered by the United States and is reported ES.Ob Insider , citing sources in BP. During the meeting, Kerry and Lavrov on March 5 in Paris , Russia put forward three demands - the transfer date of the presidential election , the non-entry of Ukraine into NATO and the failure to sign the Association Agreement with the EU in the current edition , says the MP , who previously held a high post in the government. READ TAKZhEPutin may withdraw from the war with Ukraine in return for a protectorate over the Crimea - expert Lawmakers earlier speculated that Vladimir Putin during the military invasion of Crimea interested not only in the annexation of the Crimea, but also the preservation of influence on Ukraine as a whole. " With the help of" rough action " in the Crimea, the Russian Federation is trying to disrupt the presidential elections in Ukraine. Held -scale campaign to prevent legitimate presidential elections ," - said the NSDC Secretary Andrew Paruby . "He ( Putin ) is well aware that if the elections will be held on May 25 , then they will win either Klitschko or Poroshenko . They are both beyond the control of the Kremlin. Why Putin uncontrollable president if he is accustomed to dealing only with the tame " - said one of the deputies BLOW . " He also understands that this government will sign an agreement with the EU, an agreement with NATO . And that he did not have " - he added . Moreover, blow gently hinted that elections are not profitable and also Yulia Tymoshenko - because at this stage it is only the third figure on the ratings . At the same time , consider the source publication , if elections were postponed , it would Tymoshenko has built through the governors controlled vertical of power , would have benefited from the success of the government's reform Yatsenuk , and this wave had won . Moreover, due to the fact that now " Fatherland " effectively controls all the power , she would have had an effect on the formation of all financial flows. At the same time surrounded by Tymoshenko categorically deny this version . However, the transfer of election scenario as Russia , profitable including the Party of Regions , the opposition has denied . It is no coincidence , since Tuesday obscure deputy from the Party of Eugene Muraev introduced a draft resolution to postpone the election on 7 December, and Donetsk lawyer Vladimir Olentsevich known that he was deprived of the title Hero of the suit Roman Shukhevych and Stepan Bandera , appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court concerning unlawful deprivation of powers of President Viktor Yanukovych . However, a legal mechanism , as will be transferred elections until accurately describe nobody can. Even if Ukraine will be placed under martial law , and in this case, the law does not provide clear rules that elections are canceled. As of today, none of the major presidential candidates has not announced the congress , although it must be done before March 30 . But while everyone is waiting for the results of the referendum in the Crimea and Russia further action . A source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that Kiev also sees three conditions for the stabilization of the situation in the country. " This is a political stabilization through the holding of presidential elections on May 25 . Economic stabilization through the IMF credit line . Finally, start immediate dialogue with Russia in the Crimea under the condition that the Kremlin does not promote its troops into the territory of the country " , - said the diplomat. Thus , on the eve of the referendum on the independence of the Crimea Ukrainian authorities do not even hope for an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from the peninsula and expect at best to begin negotiations with Moscow brokered by the U.S. and EU .

Thank you, dear world!

Published on Mar 11, 2014
The volunteers of Civil Sector of Euromaidan have initiated the flashmob - Ukrainian people express their gratitude to the World for the support. We highly appreciate those who were taking to the streets with rallies to support Ukraine, picketing the Embassies, supporting with money, medicines and information as well as with their thoughts and praying. Especially this is extremely important after the Russian Federation has started the occupation of Crimea peninsula on the 1st of March 2014. Please, share!

I Am a Ukrainian

Yulia Marushevska filmed by Graham Mitchell in Kyiv. All other footage captured from various Internet sources.

Massacre in Donetsk

Inf. " FACTS "
As a result of the mass brawl in Donetsk , which occurred after a rally against the war , killing at least two people , injured dozens . Listed among the dead activist , a member of VO "Svoboda" Dmitry Cherniavsky , as well as 22 -year-old man who died in a carriage "ambulance" from knife wounds. According to eyewitnesses , the organizers of the collision - representatives of pro-Russian organizations - used against peaceful protesters bricks , knives, stun guns , batons and fittings . They came to kill. Meanwhile, police, who last night failed to protect people already started to make arrests . According to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov already detained four organizer carnage , and more arrests are . "Based on the first night of the investigation materials , these detention - is only the beginning . Liberal rhetoric impact on us thugs with knives will not apply - a tough personal response , "- said the Minister.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk, speaking in Washington with a speech at the Atlantic Council

"The best strategy - negotiate. The best way out for - and stay calm , "- he said in a speech in the non-partisan research center in the field of foreign policy. According to him , now it's not just about the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Worse : it is a global crisis. To paraphrase the words of President Vladimir Putin that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century, it is said that , in his opinion , the greatest catastrophe of the century would be the restoration of the Soviet Union. Yatsenyuk accused Russia of invading the Crimea on a completely artificially created based on " protection of the rights of Russian-speaking ." "I have a Russian wife - she does not need any protection ," - said the prime minister. He noted that the new government zavetuvala bill had to cancel the law on the principles of language policy and the somewhat lower status of the Russian language, and promised that his government will protect the rights of all minorities , including those Russians. Yatsenyuk stressed that the crisis around the Crimea has serious implications for global security , particularly for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. He recalled that in 1994 Ukraine renounced its nuclear weapons , " and look what happened ." He said that if Ukraine does not receive protection, " is how the world will require other countries to abandon their nuclear programs ?" However, he stressed that the Russian invasion in the neighborhood in recent years become a signal: the only way for these neighbors is closer to the NATO alliance . "If you do not have an Action Plan for NATO membership , you are something else - such as military aggression. This dramatic science for all of us "- said Yatsenyuk. As for the Crimean prime minister said the government of Ukraine is ready to begin a national dialogue on how to expand the rights of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea , starting with tax issues and other aspects of the ending , in particular , the language issue . "We are ready to begin this dialogue - but within the constitutional framework , the Ukrainian parliament that all sat down and discussed every question and every step made ​​in accordance with the Constitution ," - said Yatsenyuk.

These are my memories of that terrible night.

(my freind from Kiev)
About Independence of Ukraine and local church Author: Alexander Titov Our ( Fr. Series Vutyanova about . Aleksand Titova ) participation in church services on Independence gave us not passing the state unity of all Ukrainian churches . And it continues to be the state and spreading among priests and laity of all denominations ! You can see this today on applications Primate of the Church and individual clerics. Let us remember and work SHEP . This was clearly demonstrated August 19, 1999 in a joint liturgy priests three denominations in Sun Valley in the Crimea. And it is constantly reinforced by our work on the insider "Channel World" all these years in many regions of the Earth. Me and Father Sergius had practically serve the priests of different faiths , I assure you that we and our fellow concelebrants least interested in this accessory. We were and are God's servants , the conductors of his will , and peacekeepers . In the terrible hours of the night and the morning February 19 - 20 priests stood on the stage of the Kiev Patriarchate , Autocephalous Orthodox Church , the Greek Catholic Church and the Apostolic Orthodox Church. We sang the hymn of Lent "W us God ! Rozumіyte , people, i endearing bo h us God ." Isa. 8 , 9-10 . In tserkovnoslovyanskom test instead of people have yazytsy word that can mean the Gentiles . In fact, we turned to the side and Berkut soldiers explosives on their pagan affairs . I remember when the fire came to the House of Trade Unions and it was evident that we have absolutely no provision for defense, an elderly Greek Catholic priest came up to me and said that if Berkut break through to the stage, we all need to come down so they threw us on the tarmac ( height of the stage about 2 meters ) . Leading on stage Eugene Nischuk ( now Minister of Culture ) many times appealed to Kievlyanam come and stand on the Maidan. We came to Independence with his wife about 22:00. Car with not allowed hem GAI, I left her in the yard at the cable car . Went on foot to the chain of explosives. Not allowed. Checking in removal of barricades dump . Stank of tear gas . Grenade explosions were heard . His condition was terrible , I was waiting for that haulers will remove corpses defenders Maidan . Do not know what to do , got up and read the Akathist Virgin . It's calm, remembered the path up the mountain to the monument to Vladimir and so went to the Maidan . Street in front of the stage was empty, Eugene again requested Kyivers approach to Maidan . I twice passed through the cordon of explosives. First, came with his wife , it was my fault . Unable to do anything, when you know she was there beside ( left her at the Archangel Michael ) . Decided to take her home, back through the neighborhood , a monument to Vladimir and down the path . At St. Michael's Square built young guys from self-defense, I asked them what they are doing ? They explained that the drive will titushek that accumulate on Vladimir . Joked that it did not Berkut will tick them quickly. Later I learned that it was at this time on the corner of Grand and Vladimir Zhytomyr titushki killed journalist Vyacheslav Veremei Vesti . On the road met the rare passers going to Maidan . Told them how to get around BB . Also returned . I was not involved in the fighting, stood on the stage with other priests , we pray ... Some of the professional military Maidan left that night , probably understood that maydanovtsev not stand a chance . Were not professionals , were desperate boys and girls, and they were supported by older people . I myself know a grandfather and a woman from Uman , which is about my age, she tray stones on the barricades. And the unbelievable happened - we have survived ! Wind helped us all the smoke and fumes went to Berkut . Fight - requisitions ! Pray - God hears ! Lord minus any turns plus. Yanukovych Ukraine and rallied her church . Could gather my thoughts, then I'll write . " Until the economic blockade

Ruslan fight against Putin.

Ruslana structure against Putin. This singer and community activist said during the briefing on the crisis in the Ukrainian media center, which is located in the hotel " Ukraine ". " Until the economic blockade Putin , I do not believe in diplomatic negotiations " - Ruslana prorezyumuvala their summit meeting in Washington, Strasbourg and Bryusaseli . Ruslana is currently engaged in social activities , using all the resources available . As a marketer and technologist singer said - "I can not right now appealed to Putin and say that your propohanda visible through" Do you even technology KGB is not changed. Are you an image of fascism and the image of the Russian soldier who has come to liberate it all ... anything you have not even changed. You do not even have changed the creative, that is, it is - shame you " - said Ruslan appealing to Putin. Also, the singer has asked all foreign media less trust the words of President Putin and Ukrainian asks citizens to help Ukrainian war in the Crimea - " I do not call people , it directly, go to the Crimea , but finding a billion opportunities to support a" - Ruslana said that the region require any assistance. Ukrainian singer and social activist Ruslana U.S. State Department said the international award for women's courage. Annual international award for women's bravery awards U.S. State Department from 2007 women from around the world who have become extraordinary example of courage and leadership in defending human rights, gender equality and social progress , often at great risk to themselves.

Here is my land where I was born, my people, my friends, my streets and squares.

with english subtitles

Capture military hospital in the Crimea.

Quick Reference "Russian - Ukrainian nationalism".

If Russia Russian loves - he is a patriot .
If Ukraine Ukrainian loves - he Bandera nationalist.
If the Russian says " Hohol " - he good-naturedly mocks representative of the brotherly people .
If Ukrainian says " Moskal " - he reveals that his nationalist, anti-Russian nature .
If Russian rally - he defends their interests. If Ukrainian rally - he fulfills American money paid to him in order to anti-Russian . If the Russian president communicates with the American president - he establishes relations between the two countries .
If the Ukrainian president communicates with the American president - they both weave anti-Russian conspiracy.
If the Russian said in Russian - it just Russian .
If Ukrainians speak Ukrainian language - he aspiring Bender .
If the president of Russia declares pro slogans - this is a normal president
If the president of Ukraine declares pro-Ukrainian slogans - pro-American and anti-Russian , he president .
If the Russian government does not agree with the Ukrainian government - it protects the national interests.
If the Ukrainian government does not agree with the Russian government - Ukrainians abarzeli Iryna Lavrenyuk ( Patsyuk )
If Russia Russian loves - he is a patriot . If Ukraine Ukrainian loves - he Bandera nationalist. If the Russian says " crest " - he good-naturedly mocks representative of the brotherly people .
If Ukrainian says " Moskal " - he reveals that his nationalist , anti-Russian nature .
If Russian rally - he defends their interests. If Ukrainian rally - he fulfills American money paid to him in order to anti-Russian . If the Russian president communicates with the American president - he establishes relations between the two countries .
If the Ukrainian president communicates with the American president - they both weave anti-Russian conspiracy. If the Russian said in Russian - it just Russian .
If Ukrainians speak Ukrainian language - he aspiring Bender .
If the president of Russia declares pro slogans - this is a normal president
If the president of Ukraine declares pro-Ukrainian slogans - pro-American and anti-Russian , he president .
If the Russian government does not agree with the Ukrainian government - it protects the national interests.
If the Ukrainian government does not agree with the Russian government - Ukrainians abarzeli.

Companies Crimean speaker owed ​​banks more than a billion hryvnia.

Konstantinov was the largest creditor Ukreksimbank Company chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov , chief among them - that the developer " Console " , owe banks more than 1 billion USD. This writes the " first instance " referring to the materials from the Unified Register of judgments. The journalists traced the relationship with companies Konstantinov " Consol LTD ", " Crimea -Finance ", " Tsar Grad Story," "Real Estate " , "Sevastopol concrete products plant ", " Dzhemiet ", " Gipek " , "Industry Crimea" . Listed companies featured in the litigation of claims Ukreksimbanka to UAH 1.035 billion and $ 5.28 million ( in case of defeat in court Konstantinov may, in particular , lose hotel complex in Partenite ) Prominvestbanka at Rs 65.41 million and " Kievan Rus " on UAH 50 million . Recall Konstantinov is now one of the key Crimean separatists. March 5 Shevchenko district court of Kiev decided to delay Konstantinova with unrecognized chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Aksenov in the case of violation of territorial integrity.

Andrei Illarionov announced the second part of Putin's plan.

Andrei Illarionov a former adviser to Putin.
Andrei Illarionov , who predicted the occupation of the Crimea, announced the second part of Putin's plan . Briefly its essence. 1) Crimean theater. A referendum on March 30 ( it can move to an earlier date ) region becomes " independent republic of Crimea ." Crimean Tatars are subjected to ethnic cleansing and deportation from the territory of another Crimean peninsula (see the relevant experience in relation to the Georgians , Greeks, Jews in Abkhazia and South Ossetia ) . 2) Slobozhanskiy Novorossiysk and theater. In eastern and southern Ukraine organized provocations that result in death citizens of Russia and Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine - ie " Russian citizens and compatriots ." For their "protection from disorder and chaos " carried invasion troops of the aggressor throughout the stretch of the Russian- Ukrainian border from Glukhova Novoazovsk to and from the Crimean foothold through Perekop and Chongar . Russian landings planted in Mariupol, Berdyansk , Melitopol, Kherson, Nikolaev , Odessa. 3 ) Kiev theater. The main aim of the unfolding offensive - the overthrow of "illegitimate" Kiev authorities - acting President, the Government , "partly legitimate " Rada. Step 1. In fact, already being implemented. Referendum really plan to accelerate . The most horrible part - the deportation of the Crimean Tatars . However, to fully realize it can not be including in the military forces of reasons. Today Tatars will complete resistance to which the Russian Armed Forces are not ready.

"Cossacks" Crimean leader Aksenov rob and beat foreign journalists.

Published on Mar 6 , 2014
Street Horkoho1 (10 yards from Lenin Square ). Simferopol. In the video, attack on the press center Agency APTN, who began to organize in Simferopol restaurant "Camelot" (second floor). To see on record as white van pulled up without license plates. From it came masked men without. It is also noticeable Cossacks. According to eyewitnesses , they rushed with hand guns and pistols. People are forced to lie on the ground. Then went the other people (without masks ) taken out of the room and transmitting equipment . This is seen by Bulgarian journalists. They were interviewed Operator attacked with pistols, laid it on the ground, seized the camera and phone. Then chased the girl - took away her phone and camera. \ Ul Gorky 1. Simferopol . ( Street vыhodyt on ploschad Lenin - 10 meters ) to video napadenye neyzvestnыh to press center agency APTN kotorыy started to appear in orhanyzovыvat Symferopolskom restaurant " Camelot " in Deut floor. As seen on the video podъezzhaet white vans without the Phone , vыhodyat him of masked men and without. As well vydnы Kazak . Co ochevydtsev words of agencies vorvalys ones with guns and ruchnыmy pystoletamy , lech forced to land in time for them CEI voshly others people uncovered ones there at the photo and second video ( second video on there channel Al Jazeera America - Karl Bostic), vыnesly peredayuschee equipment. Second Details not managed to find out , we were asked to shoot through . For everyone эtym nablyudaly zhurnalystы of Bulgaria, the Quick ones gave an interview, the operator attacked with pystoletamy and laid on the ground and otobraly cell phone devushkoy chased , caught and otobraly fotoapparat and phone. UPD. 1.Tse exactly Simferopol. Here's a comment : 2. The video was too long , 30 zvylyn , so we reduced it to 2 minutes, where it all happens. This is not because of censorship. The full version will be provided if needed , who needs .

When the morning troops decided that already won, suddenly appeared "Lviv Hundred".

Киев 2014

* A handful of brave men ready to defend the Maidan in the morning on February 19, was much smaller in numbers than surrounding them with troops, snipers and "titushki".
Soldiers buried in Lviv "Lviv hundred" self-defense, which protesters called a miracle, who saved Maidan
The heroes who died on the Maidan, called Heavenly Hundred. The details of those terrible events have told protesters miraculously survived. How is it that they were able to survive? After a handful of brave men left to defend Maidan, was much smaller in numbers than surrounding them with troops, snipers and "titushki." And the morning of 19 February, when maydanovtsev began to shoot, they had very little ...
Recently appeared on the Internet eyewitness "miracle saved the Maidan", which explained a lot. "It was scary - the man wrote. - Everyone knew that already hold Khreschatyk no chance. People began to disperse. Seeing that by the Bessarabian Market runs a group of armed men with shields and bats, we decided that this is the end. But it turned out that it was not "Berkut" and not "titushki." It was "Lviv hundred." We did not know then that came our guardian angels. "
"If a few hours will not be able to get through to me , tell my wife that I love her "
- It was a very tense night - said the "fact" 31 -year-old citizen of Lviv Andriy . - Started a real war. On the eve of the deaths of several of our comrades. One grenade , another beaten to death by security forces ... First-aid posts were filled . The standoff continued , but our getting smaller . Injured, were able to return to the front line units . Self hundred was a bit " svobodovskaya Guard" had disappeared somewhere . Politicians who were on the scene , departed . A "Berkut" continued to attack . People wildly tired , I myself could hardly stand up. Even during the January confrontation at Hrushevskoho suffered a knee injury , and it made ​​itself felt . But we're still standing .
By morning, there are very few protesters . They are still throwing stones at security forces and " Molotov cocktails ", but has kept a last effort . On the Independence said that tomorrow will be even worse - received information that we have decided to destroy them physically . We still did not understand what it means. Began to strengthen the barricades , burning tires remaining . Smoke would prevent law enforcement officers to see us . When tires are over, began to burn even their clothes ... " On the street side Instytutska go" titushki " - told the guys . - There are several thousand men, all armed. What should I do ? " I do not know what to say . It was clear that this is the end .
About five o'clock in the morning the situation became quite desperate. Our advanced pressed . Barricades in the street and in the mall Prorizna on Khreschatyk left without any protection. "People , where are you all gone ? - Inspecting the empty streets , I almost cried . - It was said because that will stand up to the last ! " Comrades asked all the time what to do when " Berkut " goes into an active attack . We agreed that we will still fight. "Yes, all of us at home waiting for his wife , children, parents , - sighed man in his sixties . - But since I came to stand to the last. And there - come what may . "
Honestly, I was scared . There is nothing worse than waiting for the danger and know that you can not cope with it. Comrades started calling relatives. "I can not talk long , - said in a trembling voice my countryman on the phone. - I'm all right. Do not talk about my call Masha . But if after a few hours , you can not call me , tell her I love her . " I also took out his phone . Home waiting for his wife and three synishek ... wanted to call and say something to them , but my throat was com.
"It has begun ! - Suddenly shouted our friend Bob . - Go ! Seems " titushki " ... " I turned to see how our approach towards a hundred people with shields and bats . We in this place already was no more than twenty ... They walked quickly and confidently. Overcoming the pain in my knee , I stooped, picked up some stone ... was ready to throw, but fifteen meters from us strangers for some reason stopped . "Guys , it's ours! - Suddenly shouted the same Bob . - Look at their faces. Such persons may be our only ! " Indeed . It seems to be bits and shields, but not angry eyes , good ... " Boys, where are you from ? " - Scream . Forward gromyhnuv shields, four men ran fifty years ... and fell on his knees in front of us . "Brother ! - Cried . - Probachte scho so Dovga їhali ! " It was" Lviv hundred ."
"In the hotel lobby every minute drifts people affected by sniper bullets "
- Seeing their sincere person , I felt heart ache - continues Andrew. - Everybody was crying . Only that we were alone and have already begun to say goodbye to loved ones. And here is reinforcement. As if God himself sent us these guys. Later we learned that they were not allowed to Kiev police . Stopped several times on the Zhitomir highway . But they were able to break through the defense and came . " Where to go? - Immediately asked. - Ready to the front ! " Still trying to cope with the flood of emotions , I said which side come commandos . Twice it was not necessary to repeat . Within a minute , " Lviv Hundred" was in place.
My friends and I ran over there though. But along the way I fell - drove the injured leg . While in the infirmary assisted me , I heard a strange popping . Decided that the next grenade explode . Although the sound seemed a little different ... When the leg was released, went to the place of confrontation and did not understand at first . There rumbled shots, not like the sound jerked grenades. Because of the smoke did not immediately saw what was happening . Suddenly my feet man fell . I 've seen him somewhere . "Probably lost consciousness " - I thought , and began to beat him on the cheeks , suddenly saw ... a hole in his temple. Blood seeped from the wound . Man shot dead . The next moment fell near another . He, too, was dead. I saw this man of Lviv .
Guys were falling one after another. The rest were trying to hide behind shields or that came to hand . I did not have time to duck and bullet whistled close ... Then comrades themselves knocked me down and started to close . "It seems that sniper! - They shouted . - Fires in the head and heart. " Seeing that one of Lviv's " captains " is still alive, my friend and I , ducking bullets , dragged him to the aid station . Two more wounded were loaded into the car - they were taken to the hospital. Other injuries attributed to the hotel "Ukraine". When I left , there were four dead . Five minutes later come back - and they're twelve. Sex in the hotel lobby was covered in blood . There every minute drifts people. Doctors volunteer victims do heart massage , artificial respiration ... But then covered with sheets head. Once again, I ran into the epicenter of confrontations began to pull off the next wounded. All Lviv were wounded in the neck , the head and the heart. Even then it was clear that working sniper. Apparently, when the morning we had very little, security forces decided that have already won. But suddenly there was " Lviv hundred ." The boys went to the front and immediately died.
Zataskivaya a new hotel lobby killed, I have a poor grasp of what is happening. It was like a nightmare . Always remember as the hotel came highly haired man in his sixties . I saw him in the " hundreds of Lviv ", together with a very similar guy on him . They were father and son . They fought , as they say, shoulder to shoulder. But this time the man came alone . Began to lift the sheets that were laid dead . Seeing the face of one of them , stunned . Knelt trembling hands began to take off his helmet dead ... doctors tried to take him away, but the man did not notice anyone . He's just found the body of her son.
" Do not worry , I'm on the Maidan. I had to do it "
- The boys of " Lviv hundred" not spent hours on Independence and how they were shot - barely holding back tears , says another witness horrible events Sergey . - We were confident that perish . But they died in our place ... to sacrifice themselves , the guys at the time were able to restrain security forces. When they once again went on the offensive, already drove protesters from Ternopil and several other areas . Maidan persevered. A " hundred Lviv " has appeared just at the moment when the world was supposed to be finished. They did not allow .
" Lviv hundred" long not want to miss in Kyiv . Those who survived, later recounted : their bus was stopped at every turn patrols. There was a team not to let the protesters in the capital. But when near Zhitomir they blocked the road traffic police car , the guys came out of the bus and threatened to start a confrontation on the road . Missed. So " centurions " were in Kiev. Say spontaneously decided to go . Someone from the house , and someone - straight from work . In those days , February 18 and 19 , so many came . For example , 35 -year-old citizen of Lviv Roman Swirl even my parents did not say that he went to Kiev.
- Anya and Misha were confident that their son at work in Lviv - says a friend of the deceased man Maria. - A Roma agreed that it will pick up the bus with the guys who went to Kiev from Jaworowski district. Go to Maidan wanted by many, but for a guy still left last free seat on the bus . Already the road Roma parents called back and told where he was going . " Do not worry - said. - I had to do it ... "When Michael was told that his son had died , he immediately went to the capital. Says until recently was hoping it was a mistake . Seeing body shot sniper son long pressed him to her, would not let ... Now Roma parents do not know . They were black with grief.
Arrived in Kiev and on the same day and killed 28 -year-old teacher of Ukrainian Catholic University Bogdan Solchanik . Bogdan came not the first time he stood on Evromaydane since November . From time to time superintending home, but then again returned to the capital.
- Coming to the city , here he wasted no time - was an active participant in our Evromaydana - says Dmitry friend of the deceased . - In those terrible days he was not going to Kiev . But to learn that on Independence started killing people , and went broke ... Nobody could stop , even his bride . Masha promised to be very careful, asked him not to worry . Assured that would be to answer the phone . And he kept his word . And when I stopped to take up , Mary immediately knew something was wrong ... This year they were married.
In the Ukrainian Catholic University Bogdan Solchanik came a few years ago . Taught in the Department and the new world history, ready to defend his doctoral dissertation.
- This year , he had big plans : a family and get a degree , - Dmitry sighs . - And even going to the Maidan , where people died , he had no doubt that he has yet to come . Do not even think about what it might have something to happen. "God with us - often said . - And then everything will be alright . " When the body was brought from Lviv Bogdan in his hometown of Stary Sambor , people out on the road at night with candles . Formed a human chain to its Sambora .
- Bogdan went to Kiev , because he understood the protesters need help - says a friend of the deceased Paul . - The boys immediately ran to the barricades on Instytutska . " Berkut " used water cannons , but Bogdan broke through to October Palace - he knew what was needed the most help . I watched as he stood on a hill between the bridge and flower clock . Standing and suddenly ... gone. Vanished into thin air . It was at that moment and it shot by a sniper.

Local man from Ukraine talks about revolt


Ukraine TV

Последние новости

Invasion of Ukraine: the latest developments in the Crimea and in the southeast

17:26. Police blocked the separatists in the building of Donetsk Regional State Administration. Pro-Russian activists break the furniture in the building, tear and throw away from windows Ukrainian flags.
17:16. In Kharkov separatists attacked supporters of the Maidan. Police struggling to protect evromaydanovtsev from an angry mob.
16:45. Luhansk separatists storm captured SBU , knocking out the building doors and windows. On it informs edition "East option."
16:02. Pro-Russian separatists taken storm building which houses the Donetsk Regional State Administration and Regional Council, established on the porch of a building flags of Russia, reports mzdanie "The Island."
15:53. Luhansk separatist rally and held a rally in support federalization of Ukraine. On it informs edition
15:31. Donetsk local separatists entered the building state administration. This is reported by News of Donbass.
12:26. Donetsk and Kharkov separatists staged a rally.
9:03. Ukrainians against the federalization of the country - a survey.
1:30. Mariupol In the pro-Russian activists seized the city prosecutor's office. Law enforcers have already stated that violators could face up to eight years in prison.
00:11. On the mainland of Ukraine Crimea already arrived in 1579 the Armed Forces and their families as a whole in 1761 people.

22:50. In Cherkassy region found the body of a missing journalist and activist formerly Liberty Basil Sergienko.
21:06. Cherkasy police in the woods found dead yesterday missing activist Avtomaydana.
19:27. Ukrainian Security Service has stopped "criminal activities of a citizen of Ukraine Dmitry Kuzmenko, who organized separatist activities in the Donetsk region."
19:08. Ukrainian troops reinforce border protection between Crimea and Ukraine mainland.
16:48. Personal Representative chairing the OSCE, Ambassador Tim Guldimann visit Ukraine on April 7-9. Ambassador plans to visit the southern regions of Ukraine and Kiev.
15:49. Around 350 participants pro-Russian rally in Donetsk picket office IUD corporation co-owned by the Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Serhiy Taruta.
15:07. Security Service of Ukraine in Luhansk region detained and disarmed a large deep undercover commando group.
13:53. employee of FSB of Russia Sergey conversation was in Kiev on February 20-21, with the task in contact with SBU determine the appropriate level of physical protection of Russian Embassy in Ukraine and other Russian institutions.
13:39. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk instructed to develop a plan of action in case Russia will limit or discontinue the supply of natural gas to Ukraine.
12:49. afternoon in Donetsk separatists several hundred gathered for a rally in the city center.
12:14. Kiev District Court quashed the appointment of Natalia Poklonskaya Attorney Crimea.
11:58. foreign ministers of the EU countries gathered on the second day of the meeting in Athens to discuss the war in Syria and the crisis in Ukraine.
11:31. pull together in the center of Kharkov police officers. They arrived to guard the regional administration building, near which today is scheduled rally pro-Russian forces.
10:49. Individual enterprises Ukrainian defense industry continue to supply military products in Russia.
10:41. On April 4 raid Yalta Seen patrol boat Coast Guard Border Service of Russia, tail number 136 - PSKR "krasnodarets."
10:19. held in the Czech capital picket embassies of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Ukrainians and Belarusians turned to demand the release occupied Crimea.
9:56. text of the new Constitution of Crimea, on which work Crimean Moscow lawyers and experts, will be ready by April 8.
9:44. Military Academy cadets met Odessa Sevastopol Nakhimov Naval Academy, who remained loyal to the oath to the people of Ukraine. VIDEO
9:13. During the action "Support Ukrainian army" has already received more than 84 million hryvnias as an aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Collected money for the army spend on flak jackets and form .
6:55 Chapter illegitimate Rada of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov said the leadership of the separatist discusses ad persona non grata leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Cemil.
6:21 White House spokesman Josh Ernest said that the U.S. does not confirm the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, who promised to carry Russian President Vladimir Putin.
5:25 In Kharkov Evromaydana activists held a picket in front of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation with the requirements to stop the aggression against Ukraine.
4:46 Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said that in Kherson created a special unit Interior Ministry, which will draw up documents for Crimeans.
2:33 Students and teachers of the Academy Nakhimov Navy, expressing a desire to serve the Ukraine, today moved from Sebastopol to Odessa.
2:02 Soloist rock band DDT Yuri Shevchuk urged residents not to support the shares of Donetsk pro-Putin radicals.

23:55. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry appealed to the Russian Foreign Ministry to provide information on the Ukrainian side who and on what grounds has ordered Russian supply to Ukraine cargo special equipment for the protection of public order weighing 2394 kg and 2774 kg.
22:44. military intervention in Ukraine did not begin with the Crimea, and with events on the Maidan, said SBU head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko.
20:21. Supreme Council of Crimea has expanded the list of nationalized facilities sanatorium branch to include 10 public houses and residences.
20:00. Russian State Duma adopted in the second and third reading of the law on simplified granting Russian citizenship to Russian.
19:30. Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to prevent the split of Ukraine.
18:41. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and European Neighbourhood Policy, Catherine Ashton expects the Russian withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border.
17:04. Russian State Duma adopted a statement in support of the separatists in the south-east of Ukraine.
16:47. According to the deputy head of the executive body of the Tartars of Nariman Jalal, the ARC may be deficiency of food and essential commodities.
16:36. Court in Kiev freed ex-Defense Minister Valeriy Ivashchenko from criminal liability and recognized him-convicted. Ivashchenko convicted if the court found in the same composition, in which judged him.
16:26. Azarov trying to recover their money frozen EU sanctions. On March 5 to the EU Council received a request on behalf of Azarov and "family members" of unfreezing assets in the EU.
16:14. Belarus took over the functions of chairman of the Commonwealth of Independent States, instead of Ukraine.
16:04. Fixes certain decrease in the concentration of Russian troops from the eastern border of Ukraine, but the country remains a threat to security, said at a briefing Director of Information Policy Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Perebiynis.
16:03. abroad for treatment are 173 party anti-government actions on the Maidan. Most Ukrainians undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in Poland - 65 people.
15:55. Ukraine accused Russia of "global human rights violations." The Foreign Ministry stressed that Ukraine is deeply concerned about the human rights situation in Russia.
15:54. Foreign checks information about the detention of 25 Ukrainians in Russia. According to the Director of Information Policy Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Perebiynis, the Russian side is urgently required to notify consular offices of Ukraine about the detention of citizens of Ukraine.
15:48. Russians taken things from the military on the border of Ukrainian Crimea. Frank looting is argued that it is all "belongs to the people of the Crimea."
15:46. Germany again urged the Russian Federation to withdraw troops from the border with Ukraine. The government of Germany emphasized that it is necessary to reduce the voltage to "immediately take measures necessary for the resumption of confidence."
15:37. Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe called on Ukraine and Russia expeditious compliance with regulations of the European Court of Human Rights issued under the proceedings on the suit against the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Prescriptions ECHR establishes the obligation of Ukraine and Russia to refrain from hostilities, which may result in civil rights have been violated.
15:33. NBU is ready to transfer its channel to create public TV. In NBU argue that elaborate on the possible transmission routes Bank Ltd. for the needs of the state television broadcaster.
15:29. Immediately two rallies, despite yesterday's ban Odessa Regional Administrative Court, held today under the walls of the city council.
15:26. European Union must prepare the third phase of sanctions against Russia, because Russia does not withdraw its troops from the eastern border of Ukraine, said British Foreign Secretary William Hague during the informal meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 28 EU countries in Athens.
15:05. On the mainland of Ukraine with Russia temporarily occupied territory of Crimea arrived in 1389 armed forces and the APU and their families, according to the Ministry of Defence.
15:00. Gen. police, MP from the Fatherland, the head of Parliament's Commission of Inquiry shot people on Maidan Gennady Moskal told about "boobs" of the previous government and the new errors, and asked "what the hell" Right sector goes on weapons people's houses.
14:55. People's Deputy Vadim Kolesnichenko want to deprive the parliamentary mandate for change of citizenship. Speaker of Parliament Turchinov instructed routine committee to prepare a resolution.
14:48. SBU detained in Donetsk Gubaryov ally. Ukrainian citizen Robert Doney announced suspicion of involvement in the riots in Donetsk on 15-16 March 2014, as well as calling for the seizure of state power.
14:32. Committee on Rules of the Verkhovna Rada should prepare a draft decision on the deprivation of the deputy mandate for refusing to Ukrainian citizenship. The corresponding order was given acting President of Ukraine, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov on Friday at a meeting of the Conciliation Board.
14:11 . Today, April 4, started elections to local government bodies. From tomorrow, the candidates may nominate themselves, but they still do not have new rules of participation in the election race.
14:02. Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Viktor Chalavan argues that the victim's rights activists sector Muzychko Alexander was seized gun that during robbery robbed an employee of the Office of Traffic police in the Ternopil region. 13:41. First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema does not exclude that in the beginning of May, planned actions to destabilize the country. Speeches expected 1 and May 9. According to First Deputy Prime Minister, complacent in society there is no reason.
13:40. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine passed the temporary investigative commission of inquiry into the death of movement coordinator Right sector in Western Ukraine Muzychko Alexander (Sasha Bilogo) Muzychko record telephone conversations.
13:32. Yanukovych and Russian involvement in the deaths of activists. Overview of the Western media. Western media have reacted to statements by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in connection with the investigation of the February shooting Maidan.
13:24. separatist campaign in Ukraine financed with funds from the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych and his supporters brought from Ukraine, said First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vitaly Yarema .
13:14. Duration of stay of citizens of Russia in Ukraine restrict April 7. Russian citizens may temporarily stay in Ukraine not more than 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry.
13:07. Former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh believes that in the right sector, there are agents of foreign intelligence services. "In radical action right sectors were all interested - and power, and foreign intelligence services, and the opposition," - said General of the Army.
13:05. Russian President Vladimir Putin chooses , to stop and reflect on already captured or try to expand its occupation in Ukraine. According to the ex-presidential adviser Andrei Illarionov, Putin will try to hold another offensive campaign because international sanctions have been inevitable.
12:38. Committee of Voters of Ukraine recommends that the Security Service and Interior Ministry to strengthen protection of the polling stations. CVU does not preclude attempts to destabilize the situation in the regions of Ukraine before the presidential election.
12:16. Extraordinary Session of the Odessa City Council did not take place . The session was planned resignation of Acting Mayor Oleg Bryndaka, but he prevented it.
12:15. Switzerland has introduced measures that should prevent the circumvention of international sanctions imposed in connection with the events in Ukraine.
11:56. Two Russian NTV channel journalists barred from entering the territory of Ukraine for the period of three years. Journalists, according to the State Border Service, performed the video arrangement state border of Ukraine in Donetsk region. 11:22. European Commission has allocated € 5 million to observe the presidential elections in Ukraine, which will be held May 25. This was announced by the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule.
11:17. From the Crimea to the mainland of Ukraine went over 500 Ukrainian military members and their families. Told the head of the Crimean media center MoD Vladislav Seleznev.
11:04. Ultras Simferopol "Tavria" refused to actively support the team in the home match of the 26th round of the Ukrainian Premier League match against the "Dnepr", which will take place on April 5. "Since our attention to figures from people who betrayed the oath (newly-security services and the police), the active support of the fifth and ninth sectors on the game," Dnepr "will not" - said in a statement ultras.
10:12. State Border Service of Ukraine will appeal to the court for compensation for the property, which remained in the Crimea, Kherson, said Chairman of the State Border Service of Ukraine Mykola Lytvyn.
10:00 am. President Barack Obama invited congressional leaders to the White House to discuss the crisis in Ukraine. Their conversation took place against the background of the lack of progress in diplomatic attempts to resolve the situation. 9:57. Kurchenko We can select Kharkiv stadium "Metalist". It can be returned to the ownership of the regional community, as the company that won the right to buy it, is still not fulfilled its obligations.
9:53. Near Odessa City Council started a rally against acting Mayor Oleg Bryndaka. He is considered a creature of MP from the Party of Regions Gennady Trukhanova. Square in front of the building where the sit local MPs, divided by 500 police officers.
9:44. Russia will do everything possible to prevent the holding of presidential elections in Ukraine, said Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council Victoria Syumar . According to her, for the active phase of destabilization in Ukraine Russia need a reason. Should also expect active manifestations of separatism.
9:15. Donetsk region opened 46 criminal cases involving violations committed during the recent political rallies. This was announced by Director General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region, Konstantin Pozhidaev.
9:04. Academy cadets of the Naval Forces of Ukraine named after P. Nakhimov today able to go from Sevastopol to the mainland. Students who did not support the transition into the new institutions of the Russian Federation School, invited to Odessa.
8:45. Head of Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in 2005-2010, Army General Nikolai Malomuzh said in an interview LigaBusinessInform why SBU slept Crimea, about the technology sector of the Right during the Maidan and the need to revise the country's military doctrine.
8:12. At one of the military training grounds passes fire and tactical training personnel airmobile brigade Airborne Ukraine ( photo ).
8:02. Russian deputies noted that the State Duma is extremely concerned about the massive violations of human rights and freedoms in Ukraine. Thus, the State Duma plans to consider the statement "On the political repressions in Ukraine." 7:43. Crew sea trawler "Cherkasy" back home. Sailors will meet on Friday at 16:00 in the Cathedral square.
4:43 State Border Service announced plans to block separatist April 4-5, a number of border posts on the border with Russia in Novoazovskiy district of Donetsk region.
4:05 NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rassmussen said that strengthening NATO troops on the eastern borders of the alliance is temporary and due to the violation of a number of obligations and Russian annexation of the Crimea.
3:28 The leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Cemil said that Turkey refused to actively discourage annexation of the Crimea because of its energy dependence on Russia.
1:25 In Donetsk, pro-Putin separatists attacked by defenders of Crimea Alexander Lunev butler and Alain guests to tell the public and reporters about the situation in Crimea.
00:25 Department of the Interior in the Donetsk region asks mayor of Donetsk in court to ban the separatist rallies scheduled for April 4-6


13:33 . In Sevastopol, people stand in line to get the icon " defenders of Novorossiisk ." According to activists , this " humanitarian assistance from fraternal Novorossiysk Sevastopol " humanitarian assistance .
13:25 . In Crimea activist Stanislav Ermakov , who was kidnapped on the eve of masked men , was taken from the courtroom where the meeting took place in the case.
13:10 . Today in the center of Lugansk Taras Shevchenko monument in several hundred people gathered in St. George ribbons . 12:40 . The list of foreign observers who arrived in the Crimea to monitor the referendum - the far- right Hungarian party known attacks on Jews and Gypsies , and "left" MEP , who has a reputation of neo-Stalinists . 12:10 . Donetsk began a rally in support of the referendum in the Crimea, Donbass News reported .
12.00. Crimean Tatars fear deportation attempts after the annexation of the new Ukrainian peninsula Russia . 11:55 . Activists of the "people's militia of Donbass" March 15 at the entrance to Donetsk, near Volnovakha , blocked traffic columns Ukrainian military equipment. 11:50 . At a polling station in Simferopol 08,069 school number 10 , where this morning in a referendum on the status of Crimea voted unrecognized Kiev head the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Aksenov , admitted not all journalists . 11:40 . Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people appealed to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to help find a peaceful solution of the Crimean conflict. 11:33 . To the center of Donetsk morning massively dumped men aged 20 to 40 years . Some of them are going about Opera and Ballet Theatre , the other unloaded near the stadium "Shakhtar" . Today in Donetsk held a pro-Russian rally . 11:10 . In arrays of compact residence of the Crimean Tatars in Bakhchisarai area did not create polls for the referendum . 10:32 . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia believe that the adoption of a UN resolution on Ukraine there was no reason , as the events in Ukraine are not a threat to international peace and security than under the UN Charter , the Security Council has been its 9:58 . In Crimea, the polling stations are given ballots in the referendum those who are not on the lists , including nationals of the other country. 9:40 . EU responds to the actions of Russia March 17 - German Foreign Minister . 9:19 . The European Union will not recognize the results of the referendum passing in the Crimea . 8:16 . In the Crimea began a referendum , which handed down two questions and both do not provide for maintaining the present status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. 8:02 . Resolution on Ukraine can take the UN General Assembly , where Russia has no veto.


23:54 . UGCC priest Nicholas Quechee previously stolen right out of the temple , " the law enforcement agencies of the Crimea" was released. 23:26 . Security Service and Interior Ministry received a command to prosecute all those who will not surrender illegal weapons - regardless of political affiliation. 23:19 . Today in the Crimea Kerch ferry delivered through anti- missile battalion S-300 , consisting of four batteries. 22:59 . USS Truxtun with guided missiles continue exercises with allied ships in the Black Sea . 22:46 . Ukrainians should refrain from participating in the so- called referendum , which is carried out separatists , said Acting President Alexander Turchinov . 22:07 . About 120 invaders and three armored personnel carriers are located in the pumping station on the outskirts of the village of Small . 21:45 . Crimean Tatar people categorically rejects any attempt to determine the future of the Crimea without the free will of the indigenous people of Crimea . 20:58 . Ukraine's Foreign Ministry calls the tragic decision of the Russian delegation to the UN Security Council to veto the resolution on Ukraine . 20:45 . Head of the delegation of U.S. senators John McCain believes that economic sanctions could seriously affect Russia if its military cross the eastern border of Ukraine. 20:38 . Ukrainian and leading actors voiced poem " Wait for me" for Ukrainian sailors in the Crimea. VIDEO 20:27 . In Simferopol, about a dozen Russian soldiers and snipers reconnoitred the area around a military unit . 19:43 . Today in Russian cities have been mass protests against the war and against Putin - this is the voice of Russia , Ukraine 's Permanent Representative to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev . 19:21 . In Cherkassy today more than a hundred residents took to the flash mob and their bodies have created a live map of Ukraine . Young people wanted to show the world that Ukraine without the Crimea not. 19:11 . General , former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Kuzmuk said that if Russia would unleash a full-scale war against the Ukraine , it will drag on for years and Moscow will lose. 18:57 . After 10 years of lies Vladimir Putin's world teenager returned his gift . 18:37 . Russian Foreign Ministry continues information campaign to support a possible invasion of Eastern Ukraine . 18:27 . Kharkiv Mayor Gennadiy Kernes tried to speak at the pro-Russian rally in Freedom Square in Kharkov, and encourage people not to hold a referendum Chamber - March 16. But protesters booed him and threw him Zelenka . 18:09 . General Prosecutor's Office opened criminal proceedings on the facts making illegal decisions by judges and Shevchenkyvskyi Pechersk district courts. 17:50 . Russian Foreign Ministry demands the immediate withdrawal of troops from Ukraine. The ministry expressed " strong and categorical protest " in connection with the landing of troops in the Kherson region Russian Army . 17:47 . Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine dismissed the chairman of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting Alexander Kurdinovicha . 270 voted for the ruling People's Deputies of the 292 's, registered in the hall . 17:44 . The district court of Lugansk banned the March 16 so-called " popular referendum " on the central square . 17:34 . Russia blocked the UN resolution on Ukraine and Crimea , which included support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine . Meeting of the members present voted 13 in favor of the resolution , Russia opposed , China abstained. 17:20 . In Crimea, the pro-Russian separatists mock pensioner who came to defend the unity of Ukraine and Russia against military aggression . 17:10 . Armed men arrested right in the temple of his father Nicholas Quechee , pastor and military chaplain UGCC in Sevastopol. 16:55 . The National Security Council of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Defense created a service to help Ukrainian military . Army to help , you can send an SMS to 565 ( cost of the message - 5 UAH . ) . 16:32 . In the Kherson region tried to penetrate the Russian troops . The Defense Ministry of Ukraine said that the Russian provocation " failed " , the invaders left. 16.00. Acting Fatherland faction chairman Serhiy Sobolev called not true information about preparing the Ukrainian government settlement agreement with Russia , which envisages the creation of a coalition with the Party of Regions , and the postponement of the presidential waiver of the early parliamentary Víbora . 15:44 . On the pro-Russian rally in Donetsk came out a few thousand people. 15:02 . Council of Europe experts in constitutional law said that coming in Crimea March 16 referendum on accession to Russia is illegitimate . 14:50 . If the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea will not be holding a referendum on March 16 , the Ukrainian parliament may revoke its decision on the dissolution of BP Crimea. 13:59 . The Presidium of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea does not recognize the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine , which declared unconstitutional decision of Parliament autonomy local referendum on the status of the region, and is ready to hold a " poll" on Sunday . 13:20 . Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has dissolved parliament of Crimea. 12:58 . In Moscow , thousands of Russians take part in the Peace March against Russian troops in Ukraine. 11:29 . Ukrainian authorities are preparing for the beginning of these negotiations with the Kremlin earlier not to recognize the new government . 10:54 . Armed Forces of Ukraine will not allow the introduction of Russian troops on the territory of Donbass. This was announced by Acting Defense Minister Igor Tenyukh . 10:02 . Interior Minister Arsen Avakov informed about the detention of 30 people after yesterday's riots in Kharkov. 9:36 . According to operational data group "Information Resistance " , for the past day , Russian troops to regroup on the border with Ukraine. 9:11 . On the Internet there was a video of flooding the Russian military of another ship in the lake Donuzlav near Yalta . 8:00 . Crimea can turn into a giant military base. The opinion in the program Shuster Live expressed adviser to President of Russia Vladimir Putin , Andrei Illarionov . 2:02 . Crimean Tatars promise to fix all violations during the so-called referendum in the Crimea. 2:00 . Sturm Prosvita office is a well-planned provocation pro-Russian activists , said the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Balut . 00:19 . After talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov , U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Russian minister made ​​it clear that President Vladimir Putin is not ready to take any decision regarding the Ukraine before the referendum in the Crimea.

15:50. Zayavlenye Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on March 13 Events in Donetsk obъektyvnыm and is not an indigenous way yskazhaet realnuyu situation , said the chairman of the Donetsk OGA Sergey Taruta. 15:37 . Hossekretar , John Kerry and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov provodjat srochnыe talks in London . 15:32 . Most citizens of Ukraine schytayut naybolee Optimal modelyu Device unytarnuyu republic of Ukraine . 14:55 . Nevыpolnenye solutions Evropeyskoho judgment on human rights at intro Apply voennuyu force in Ukraine to Russia fraught sanktsyyamy . 14:50 . Rossyyskye Military obestochyly ukraynskuyu voynskuyu part in Selo Uyutnoe vozle evpatoria . 14:45. Sanktsyy EU serezno nazhmut hlavnыh on "Friends" Putin - media 14:20 . Evropeyskyy Union amounted list of 130 vыsokopostavlennыh Russo chynovnykov , AGAINST kotorыh mogut byt vvedenы vyzovыe restrictions , and Account kotorыh mogut byt zamorozhenы . 14:00. Donetsk byznesmen , vladelets corporation Systems Kepital Management (SCM ) Rinat Akhmetov sdelal zayavlenye in connection with the Mass drakoy , kotoraja proyzoshla March 13 in Donetsk Between Supporters integrity of Ukraine and active in the prorossyyskymy . 13:40. Among zaderzhannыh su TIME stolknovenyy in Donetsk view of citizens of the Russian Federation , the Head of Donetsk region prokuraturы Nicholas Frantovskyy . 13:30. Column appliances voennoy the Russian Federation , the proof kotoroj zamechenы krupnokalybernыe guns, sleduet through Kerch . 13:10. Rector Taurian National University im. Nicholas V. Vernadsky Bahrov pereshel in subordination of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia . 12:50 . Odynochnыy pyket in Tambov : Stoa on his knees in front of the poster , a resident of the city vыrazhaet own way Negative relationships k voennoy aggression AGAINST Russia of Ukraine , and obvynyaet in volume , that proyshodyt , ns . Tambov . jpg 12:26 . Russia osoznaet responsibility for their life and sohrazhdan compatriots in Ukraine and ostavlyaet right to take people pod SECURITY - zayavlenye MFA of Russia. 12:10. As in Crimea reahyruyut for people with Ukrainskaia symvolykoy . 12:10. Putin named terms urehulyrovanyya crisis in Ukraine. 12:03. Ukrainian pohranychnyky , osuschestvlyavshye patrulyrovanye in areas poselka Chongar in Hersonskoy region , zaderzhaly Rossiyskogo military . 11:50. In Hosdume in connection with the situation , slozhyvsheysya in Ukraine , CIS predlahayut Create Court of Human Rights. 11:40 . As a result of vcherashnyh stolknovenyy on ploschad ym.Lenyna in Donetsk Between Members mytynha for Unity of Ukraine and organizations active in the prorossyyskyh for medytsynskoy pomoshchju 26 obratylys the victims . 11:30 AM. SBU zaderzhala Leader separatystskoy organization " Lugansk Guard " Aleksander Kharitonov. 11:00 am. Aside Dzhankoi of Kerch peremeschayutsya voynskye эshelonы with systems of salvo fire " Hurricane ." 10: 40. Hosduma Russia sokratyla the mission nablyudateley by referendum will be held in Crimea kotorыy 16 March. 10:30 AM. The Council will consider today is not a question of dissolution of parliament of Crimea 9:20 . The authorities of Japan obsuzhdaet question vozmozhnыh Introduction sanctions AGAINST Russia. Such pozytsyya Tokyo vыzvana events in Crimea . 9:05 . Troe activists Avtomaydana of Kyiv disappeared in Crimea . 8:59 . Today utrom of Kerch Crimea vhlub prosledoval эshelon with the Russian voennoy tehnykoy . In zheleznodorozhnыh platforms nahodyatsya 14 complexes S-300 ( zenytno - raketnaya system) chetыre BTRa connection , five KamAZov , chetыre Ural with Kung, chetыre Ural tentovannыh . 8:20 . Today NIGHT proyzoshla Attempts Sturm podrazdelenyya Sluzhbы External razvedky Ukraine ( SVR ) in Alush. 08:00. Russia does not want war with Ukraynoy and sees not based rassmatryvat situations such Termini , said Stable representative of Russia Vitaly Churkin said at the UN , Speaking at a meeting of the UN security council situation in Ukraine. 1:40 . In Dnepropetrovsk rows chynovnykov against security forces otkrыly Case for sodeystvye tytushkam . 1:39 . For rows DATA media , activists on prorossyyskyy mytynh in Donetsk , where proyzoshla Mass and perished fighting men were brought by bus from Russia . 1:36 . Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a meeting of the UN Sovbeza poobeschal put the question of the expansion polnomochyy Autonomous Republic of Crimea . 1:18 . The famed musician Yuri Bashmet left the title of professor pochetnoho Lvovskoy natsyonalnoy muzыkalnoy Academy named Lysenko because of the ego support policy putin in Crimea . 00:52 . Aix -head Medzhlysa , People's Deputy of Ukraine Mustafa Dzhemilev will meet today with the deputy secretary general of NATO Alexander Vershbow at the headquarters Severoatlantycheskoho Alliance in Brussels . 00:29 . Government of Ukraine filed ysk against the Russian Federation in Evropeyskyy court on human rights because of the Military Invasion of Russia in the Crimea.

March 13
23:54 . On the Internet poyavylsya list potentsyalnыh candidates from Russia , against kotorыh The European Union can u put personalnыe sanktsyy because of the voennыh of events in Crimea . 23:29 . According to preliminary DATA , in Donetsk in a collision perished troe and postradaly fifty people. 23:00. Today neyzvestnыe vooruzhennыe people predprynyaly Attempts napadenyya of the territory of the 13th shipyard the Black sea fleet in Russia Sevastopol. 22:19. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk sehodnyashnem meeting of the UN security council in New York ( USA) called on Russia vыvesty svoy troops of Crimea and Sesto at the table for negotiations urehulyrovanyya conflict. 22:17 . In mytynhe in Donetsk from knife ranenyya skonchalsya demonstrators troe got in neyrohyrurhyy of department . 21:32. Konstytutsyonnыy Court of Ukraine began rassmotrenye affairs for presentation of yspolnyayuscheho Duties of President Alexander Turchinov Relatively sootvetstvyya Constitution of Ukraine solutions Supreme BOARD Crimea Conduct of referendum. 20:46 . Tomorrow at 15:00 in Crimea sostoyatsya shares protest against the ARC Conduct a referendum on the status of the peninsula. 20:30. Russia podderzhala ydeyu direction nablyudateley the mission to Ukraine , parts are co-ordinated , said journalists constantly BOARD OSCE chairman Thomas Hremynher . 20:00. Conclusion According to the investigation , conducting Journalists Lentы.ru , Tip Federation prynymal decision odobryt Introduction troops of Russia in Ukraine with abuse regulations. 19.00. In Simferopol separatystы zahvachennoho previously dismissed frantsuzskoho journalist . 18:40. MFA of Russia at zayavlyaet readiness to hold talks with Ukrainian diplomats in Minsk on March 14 . 18:20 . Today in Yalta people with Russo Flag attacked myrnыh mytynhuyuschyh with Ukrainskaia symvolykoy . There postradavshye zhurnalystы . 17:50 . Rossyyskye Military Airplane obstrelyaly in Crimea of Ukraine Hospohransluzhbы su TIME dezhurstva . 17:45. Today the President of Russia Vladimir Putin TIME su prompt of the meeting with council members postoyannыmy security of the Russian Federation discussed " vneplanovыy question " - dalneyshuyu Policy AGAINST Ukraine. 16:36 . Several Presidents natsyonalnыh paralympyyskyh committees otkazalys here pryema in Rossiyskogo President Vladimir Putin. 15:50. In Mariupol WILL dyslotsyrovatsya 18 ships and katerov Kerch Order does pohranychnoy sluzhbы of Ukraine , as well as Personal Order does composition in quantities of 300 people. 15:40. Results Crimean referendum scheduled for 17 March obъyavyt . 15:30. On Ranges vozle nachalys Nikolaev Military Teaching in kotorыh prynymayut participate voennosluzhaschye of raznыh uholkov country. 15:16 . Vitaliy Klitschko , Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleg Tyagnibok WILL obъyavlenы persona non grata in the Crimea . 14:50 . Head Control Morskoi ohranы Hospohransluzhbы of Ukraine Nikolay kontradmyral Zhybarev was announced at the ship shifted Kerchenskoy Morskoi ohranы in Mariupol . 14:34 . European Parliament adopted a resolutions of Invasion of Russia in Ukraine 14:28 . Rossyyskye Fourth Military flooded ship in Lake Donuzlav in Crimea . 14:16 . 12 March Shevchenkivskyi rayonnыy Court of Kyiv mayor yzbral suppression in video pod CONTENT Sentinel Term for 2 months a citizen of the Russian Federation , kotorыy podozrevaetsya in creation vooruzhennoy dyversyonno - podrыvnoy group. 14:05. Hossekretar U.S. John Kerry on Friday mnohochasovuyu hold a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrovыm , ODO Ubeda Russia vыvesty troops of Crimea. 13:55 . President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with olyharhamy High society and dolzhnostnыmy lytsamy in connection with uhrozoy Introduction sanctions. 13:50. Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Heneralnuyu Prosecution vыyasnyt ask , Did Indeed , a number of deputies narodnыh rehyonalov ahytyruyut for voennuyu aggression in the Crimea , and in sluchae Confirmation raise a question about deprivations 's neprykosnovennosty . 13:10. Эskalatsyya napryazhennosty in Ukraine , vыzvannaya Using Russo voennosluzhaschyh in Crimea and эkspansyonystskymy zayavlenyyamy Rossiyskogo Guide , vstrevozhyla the Russian society. 83% ns obespokoenы vozmozhnostyu vooruzhennoho conflict Between Russia and Ukraynoy . 12:15. EU and U.S. sdelayut all vozmozhnoe , ODO podderzhat Ukrainian nation and Save Ukraine. 12:13. The commander of the 204 th brigade taktycheskoy aviation , dyslotsyruyuscheysya on aэrodrome "Belbek " Colonel Yulyy Mamchur obratylsya k MANUAL country , the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine .   11:50. Krymskie separatystы uhrozhayut storm Ukrainskaia voynskoy part in Simferopol . 11:46 . In konflykte Around Crimea FRG Chancellor Angela Merkel obvynyla Russia in podrыve mezhdunarodnoy stability. 10:48 . Ukraine ostavlyaet the right in connection with the situation in Crimea obratytsya for pomoshchju k beloved state ili rehyonalnoy kollektyvnoy security system for vosstanovlenyya svoeho sovereignty and integrity terrytoryalnoy - Verkhovna Rada 10:20 . Along the perimeter of the territory separately radyotehnycheskoho battalion "Ai- Petri " razmeschenы 30 avtomatchykov of. 10:16. Voennosluzhaschye Russia and Crimea Representatives samooboronы completely zablokyrovaly vъezdы all of the territory oruzheynoy bazы in Inkerman . 9:50 . One of the Crimea in zhytelnyts Comment journalists obъyasnyla , why it is impossible disconnect the Crimea from Ukraine.   9:40 . Washington ready kiev occasions vsemernuyu support in obespechenyy sovereignty and integrity terrytoryalnoy Ukraine. 9:20 . In Sauvé UN Security rassmatryvayut Ability to submit the draft resolutions , kotoraja podtverdyt sovereignty and integrity terrytoryalnuyu Ukraine and condemn the referendum in the Crimea How narushayuschyy Constitution of Ukraine . 08:30. In the vicinity of Feodosia aэrodrom dostavlyayutsya hruzы for voennыh RF 8:08 . In accordance with the plan of training of boevoy voynskye part and podrazdelenyya Armed Forces naraschyvayut Intensity polevыh classes per polygon in Rostovskoy , Belhorodskoy , Tambovskoy and Kurskoy areas. 7:40 . On Tuesday was gone active in the Crimean Simferopol of Michael Vdovchenko . 1:36 . Ozhydaetsya , that today in Ukraine on pryedet group US senators include John McCain. 00:57 . Chapter Sluzhbы security of Ukraine ( SBU) Valentyn Nalyvaychenko stated something Special military prosecutor arestuet illegal appointment of the Chief Directorate of the SBU in Crimea Peter Winter , Kotor podozrevayut in prychastnosty k demonstrantov murder in Kiev. 00:25 . Áûë Crimea , and there Will neotъemlemoy chastyu of Ukraine , said y.o. President of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov. 12 MARCH 23:11. President Barack Obama stated something white house & its Allies will vыnuzhdenы peresmotret svoy relationships with Russia , and If prodolzhyt Attempts ottorhnut of Ukraine in Crimea. 22:13. Washington held a meet Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenyya Yatsenuk with U.S. President Barack Obamoy and hlavoy Hosdepartamenta America John Kerry. 21:57 . Russia enters it shall not rolled polnomasshtabnoy War with Ukraynoy , Eto Since predstavljaet bolshuyu Danger not only Ukrainskaia ili side of, but i vsemu peace schytaet ex -head Sluzhbы External razvedky of Ukraine , General Army of Ukraine , founder Civil Forum "Strategy of National Security of Ukraine " Nikolai Malomuzh . 21:53. In the Crimea was not allowed pomoschnyka UN Secretary General on human rights. 21:03. Vitaly Klitschko has stated something nelehytymnыy referendum vыmыshlennыy samoprovozhlashennoy vlastyu i pod prykrыtyem Alien Army , no blog nykakoho relationships rolled Interest krыmchan . 20:44 . Ukraine can Exit of composition Union nezavysymыh states (NIS ) because of nesposobnosty solutions organization serving utensils conflicts Between EE members , said y.o. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andriy fraction . 20:18. Verkhovny hlavnokomanduyuschyy Obъedynennыh Commander Europe , General Philip Brydlav zayavlyaet , that in view of alliances somnenyy in volume , that in Crimea deystvuyut rossyyskye Military podrazdelenyya , osuschestvlyaya anneksyyu peninsula. 20:00. In Crimea Yuri Meshkov pryehal , kotorыy zanymal post " president" Autonomous Republic of Crimea with February 1994 to March , 1995 and áûë vыdvoren of summer 2011 the Year of Ukraine s prohibition on vъezd of the territory of the country Term 5 years. 19:03 . President of France François Hollande in telefonnoy Beseda co svoym Russo kollehoy Vladimir Putynыm noted that in today else there TIME for yzbezhanyya bessmыslennoy эskalatsyy conflict in Crimea . 18:40. Konstytutsyonnыy Court of Ukraine otkrыl Production by constitutional Relatively konstytutsyonnosty presentation of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea Ordinance of Conduct obschekrymskogo referendum. 17:59 . Zhurnalystы is information krymskotatarski Programs Division of GTRC Crimea in period before the referendum will not be was aired . 17:10. President of Russia Vladimir Putin in a conversation with a deputy of Ukraine narodnыm Mustafoy Dzhemylevыm not oproverhal Availability Russo troops in the Crimea . 16:40 . Russia razreshyla Ukrainskaia The parties commit nablyudatelnыy Airplane ODO podtverdyt absence voennoy activities co storony Armed Forces, uhrozhayuschey security of Ukraine. 16:30. OSCE Ynspektorы I send dostatochno svydetelstv prebыvanyya Russo voennыh at checkpoints in vъezde in Avtonomnuyu Republic of Crimea . 16:24 . Country " Large semerky " in kotoruyu vhodyat United Kingdom, Canada , France , Ãåðìàíèÿ , Italy , Japan and the United States, Russia called on all prekratyt usylyya Changes in the status of Crimea Contrary Ukrainian legislation and Violation of International Law . 15:59 . The Russian side pыtaetsya Require bыvsheho President Viktor Yanukovych for rationale own way voennoy aggression on the territory of Ukraine . 14:55 . The leader in Simferopol was gone Ukrainskaia obschynы one of the local orhanyzatorov Evromaydana Sergey Kovalskyy . 14:20 . At The case otkrыtoy voennoy aggression co storony of Ukraine in Russia Prepared Plan " B" , said secretary of NSDC Andrew Paruby . 13:40. In Rade zarehystryrovaly two bills at natsyonalnoy Guard . 13:30. Otryadы samooboronы Crimea , kotorыe nahodyatsya mezhdunarodnogo airport in Simferopol, partially ohranychyly pryem vozdushnыh Civil courts until March 17 to nedopuschenyya provokatorov of the territory of the peninsula. 13:00. Bulgaria vыstupaet for Saving terrytoryalnoy integrity of Ukraine and pryzыvaet k Dialog on the active situation in the country with the participation of European Union, NATO and the OSCE. 12:45. Chapter Evropeyskoy commission Jose Manuel Barroso called on Russia prekratyt Attempts to annex the Crimea. 12:32 . Quantity Russo voennosluzhaschyh in the Black sea ( Crimea Western okonechnost ) ripe 600 people. 12.30. Zaplanyrovannыy in Tbilisi theater performance of Sergei Bezrukov otmenen in connection with the ego of action podderzhkoy President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Crimea . 12:20. Russia in 2012-2013 hodah held rotatsyyu Russo in the Black sea fleet, ODO Delete composition of ego эtnycheskyh ukrayntsev lybo voennыh with rodstvennыmy communication in Ukraine. 12:19 . In Cherno More nachalys sovmestnыe Scientists Navy Romania , Bulgaria and the United States. Manevrы WILL terrytoryalnыh water held in Romania . 11:56 . People's Deputy of Ukraine , leader of mnoholetnyy Medzhlysa krymskotatarski people Mustafa Dzhemilev intends Statement of President Putin of Russia at neobhodymosty O Russo troops with the territory of Crimea . 11:40 . Territory rocket -technical bazы Ukrainskaia army in poselke Chernomorskoe in Crimea has occupied 600 voennыh Russo . 11:20 . In Crimea To date nahodyatsya 18430 voennыh Russo , else 220 ​​thousand prynymayut participate in the Teaching of Eastern border services in Ukraine. 10:56 . On the night of 12 March Employees SBU management Hersonskoy region obnaruzhyly and zaderzhaly razvedhruppu Armed Forces, kotoraja penetrated the territory Hersonskoy region of AR Crimea , mynuya punktы control. 10:30 AM. Vooruzhennыe sylы of Ukraine , despite the slozhnuyu situation , pryvedenы in polnuyu boevuyu readiness - Jarema 10:10. Kryzysnaya Situation prodolzhaet " keep on our toes " Crimean consumers - people zapasaetsya products , that already skazalos on tsenah . 9:40 . RBE of the Chamber adopted a U.S. Congress resolutions , osuzhdayuschye Russia for voennuyu okkupatsyyu krymsko the region of Ukraine. Documents soderzhat pryzыv k Introduction of Ekonomicheskie sanctions kotorыe zastavyat Russia vыvesty ee troops with the territory of Ukraine . 8:55 . Basmannыy Court of Moscow udovletvoryl hodataystvo consequence of Ares obъyavlennoho in absentia Mezhdunarodny'j rozыsk leader of Ukrainian movement Pravыy sector Dmitry Jarosz . 8:39 . In aэrodrome Belbek kotorыy before a control pod spetspodrazdelenyy Russia , zahorelas эlektroustanovka . Video burning 8:13 . Ukraine will not be pыtatsya force to stop the rossyyskuyu okkupatsyyu Crimea , ODO not podstavlyat pod shot svoy east border. 8:06 . In aэrodrome Ukrainian Air Force VS Ukraine in Djankoi razvernut of medical item Russo troops. 7:58 . On the territory avtobata in Bakhchisaray profit two dozen Russo voennosluzhaschyh , trebuyuschye here ukrayntsev people swear Crimea ili leave voynskuyu part. 7:57 . In the period of Conduct referendum Accession Number Crimea the Russian Federation vozdushnoe space on the peninsula Will Close. Told Sergey Aksenov , kotorыy nazыvaet itself Leaders Crimean government. 7:47 . Ordinance Hoskomteleradyo of Ukraine uvolenы CEO GTRC " Krym" Stephen Hulevatыy and CEO Sevastopolska rehyonalnoy gosudarstvennoe TRC Sergey Normanskyy . 7:28 . GPU rastsenyvaet zayavlenye ex- president Viktor Yanukovych with kotorыm on vыstupyl in Rostov- on-Don, 11 March , How provokatsyyu , napravlennuyu configured to support separatist and razzhyhanye natsyonalnoy connector on the territory AR Crimea and South- East of the region of Ukraine. 7:16 . MFA of Ukraine vыrazhaet reshytelnыy protest on occasion zayavlenyya Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation from March 11 at Recognition pravomernoy so nazыvaemoy " Declaration of independence Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol ." 1:27 . Hlavnokomanduyuschyy NATO forces in Europe , US- General Philip Brydlav novonaznachennыm discussed with Chief of Staff of Ukraine Mikhail Kutsynыm Expansion Alliance Partnership with Ukraynoy . 01:00. Krymskie Tatars WILL boykotyrovat referendum, the Head Medzhlysa Mr Chubarov . 00:25 . Ternopil neyzvestnыe podozhhly tent activists Avtomaydana . 00:10. In aэrodrome Belbek kotorыy before a control pod spetspodrazdelenyy Russia , zahorelas эlektroustanovka . At the time of the fire managed to DATA potushyt .

13:40 . In Parliament a bill on registered two National Guard. 13:30 . Crimea vigilante groups that are at the international airport Simferopol, partially restricted reception civil aircraft until March 17 to avoid provocateurs on the peninsula . 13:00 . Bulgaria stands for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and encourages an active dialogue on the situation in the country with the participation of the European Union, NATO and the OSCE . 12:45 . European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso called on Russia to stop trying to annex the Crimea . 12:32 . The number of Russian troops in the Black Sea ( the western extremity of the Crimea ) has reached 600 people. 12:30 pm. Planned in Tbilisi theater performance Sergei Bezrukov canceled due to his support for action by Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Crimea. 12:20 . Russia in 2012-2013 conducted a rotation in the Russian Black Sea Fleet , to remove from its membership of ethnic Ukrainians or military with family ties in Ukraine. 12:19 . In the Black Sea Navy began joint exercises in Romania , Bulgaria and the United States. The maneuvers will be held in the territorial waters of Romania. 11:56 . MP, a long time leader Mejlis Mustafa Cemil intends Russian President Vladimir Putin on the need for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Crimea. 11:40 . Territory rocket- technical base of the Ukrainian army in the village of Black Sea in Crimea took 600 Russian military. 11:20 . In Crimea today are 18430 Russian military has 220,000 take part in the exercises on the eastern border of Ukraine. 10:56 . On the night of March 12, employees of the SBU in the Kherson region scouts found and detained the Armed Forces, which penetrated into the territory of Kherson region of Crimea , passing checkpoints . 10:30 AM. Ukrainian armed forces , despite the difficult situation , are given in full combat readiness - Yarema 10:10 . The crisis continues to " keep in shape " Crimean consumers - people stocked products that have affected the prices . 9:40 . Both chambers of Congress passed resolutions condemning Russia for its military occupation of the Crimean region of Ukraine. Documents call for the introduction of economic sanctions that would force Russia to withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine. 8:55 . Moscow Basmanny Court granted the petition for investigation absentee arrest declared internationally wanted leader of the Ukrainian movement Right sector Dmitry Yarosh . 8:39 . At the airport Bel'bek , which is controlled by Russian special forces , lit installations. video fire 8:13 . Ukraine will not try to use force to stop the Russian occupation of the Crimea, not to put at risk its eastern borders . 8:06 . On the Ukrainian Air Force airfield in Ukraine's Armed Forces deployed medical center Jankoi Russian troops. 7:58 . The territory in Bakhchisarai AVTOBAT arrived two dozen Russian soldiers requiring Ukrainians swear people leave Crimea or military unit . 7:57 . At the time of the referendum on the annexation of the Crimea to the Russian Federation airspace over the peninsula will be closed. Told Sergei Aksenov, who calls himself the head of the Crimean government . 7:47 . Orders Goskomteleradio fired CEO STRC "Crimea" Stepan Gulevatyi and CEO Sevastopol Regional State TRC Sergei Norman . 7:28 . GPU regards the statement by former president Viktor Yanukovych , whom he addressed in Rostov -on-Don on March 11 as a provocation aimed at supporting the separatist sentiments and inciting ethnic hatred in the territory of the Crimea and South- Eastern region of Ukraine . 7:16 . Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expresses its strong protest against the Russian Foreign Ministry statement dated March 11, on the recognition of the legitimate so-called " Declaration of Independence of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol ." 1:27 . Commander of NATO forces in Europe, U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove discussed with the newly appointed Chief of Staff of Ukraine Mikhail Kutsin broader partnership between the Alliance and Ukraine. 01:00. Crimean Tatars will boycott the referendum , said the head of Majlis Refat Chubarov . 00:25 . In Ternopil unknown activists set fire to a tent Avtomaydana . 00:10 . At the airport Bel'bek , which is controlled by Russian special forces , lit installations. At the moment, the fire was extinguished.
1:28 . In the Black Sea , where the captured rocket technical part of the agreement was reached , the head of the Defense Ministry of Crimea media center Vladislav Seleznev .
1:04 . The UN Security Council held a fifth over the last ten days of the meeting devoted to the situation in Ukraine . Following the meeting , held behind closed doors, Russia's permanent representative at the world organization , Vitaly Churkin, said that at the meeting there was "nothing new."
00:10 . According to the GPU in the Crimea from February 27 to March 10, recorded 46 offenses , most of which criminals have committed against the state. 00:07 . Prosecutor General's Office has authorized the detention and arrest of separatist leaders - Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov , the self-proclaimed President of the Council of Ministers Sergei Aksenov, and Rear Admiral Denis Berezovsky.

22:45 . Authority of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea intend to nationalize standing fleet in Sevastopol Ukrainian Navy and ships " Chornomornaftohaz ," said Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov .
22:00. In Donetsk, vandals desecrated the monument to Taras Shevchenko . 20:27 . Former chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Dobkin after questioning by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in the case of separatism under escort taken to a temporary detention facility .
19:24 . Missing eve commander Vladimir AVTOBAT Gardener today arrived in the territory of motor battalion of the Ukrainian Navy in Bakhchisarai with armed " self-defense " of the Crimea and said the transition to the side of the separatists. It was followed by several soldiers , then took control of part of the invaders.
18:42 . Ex- Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Dobkin is in the Main Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in Kiev , with it conducts investigations .
18:20 . The new government in Ukraine is ready for dialogue on the issue of empowerment of the Crimean autonomy , said Prime Minister Yatsenyuk.
17:43 . In Simferopol are provocateurs who go from house to house residents and trying to tear them away and Ukrainian passports, said the press service of the city administration .
17:25 . To negotiate with the leadership of the Crimea is useless because all decisions regarding autonomy accepted representatives of the Russian special services , said the president of the permanent representative of Ukraine in Crimea Sergey Kunitsyn .
15:48 . In Sevastopol, kidnapped activist Igor Kiryushchenko . It is reported Evromaydan group SOS.
15:34 . The Russian Federation shall immediately cancel the referendum , which is held on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. This was stated by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. 15:26 . Employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine for the last day is not passed through the border 342 Russian citizen who could take part in activities to destabilize the filament and confrontation in Ukraine. Reported the press service of the Ministry .
15:04 . In Bakhchisarai armed men began to seize military unit A- 2904 .
14:55 . People stole in Simferopol Chairwoman of the Crimean center of business and cultural cooperation Ukrainian House and one of the coordinators of Evromaydan -Crimea Andrew Schekuna claim that he was all right.
14:19 . Today , March 10 , about 20 citizens aggressive so-called " People's Self-Defense Crimea" broke into the military hospital in Simferopol.
14:11 . Only 12 % of Ukrainians in the whole country in favor of unification with Russia . This was stated by Director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation Iryna Bekeshkina , referring to the latest opinion poll . 13:39 . U.S. insists on solving the Crimean crisis through diplomacy. This was stated by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette . 13:35 . Tuesday USN , Romania and Bulgaria will maneuvers in the Black Sea , near the territorial waters of Ukraine. 13:19 . In Lugansk regional administration at the building again exacerbated the situation .
12:37 . Luhansk Regional State Administration is exempt from the separatists. This was stated by deputy Oleg Lyashko .
12:18 . Continued presence in the political field Crimea Ukraine threatens Crimeans physical destruction . This was said in the appeal of the Crimean parliament speaker Vladimir Konstantinov to residents of autonomy.
12:09 . Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in constant contact with the commanders of the military units in the Crimea , including measures to coordinate the defense of their territories .
11:45 . Ukraine is ready to soon sign the political part of the agreement with the EU. This was confirmed by the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deshchytsa . 11:33 . In Sevastopol GGA switched to the Russian in office management and document .
11:04 . Tonight Russian military weapons attacked a separate missile technical part of the Black Sea in Crimea.
10:30 AM. In Seoul, near the Russian Embassy in South Korea held a picket organized by the Ukrainian diaspora against the Russian military occupation of the Crimea.
10:10 . In the Crimea will be bilingual - Russian and Crimean Tatar languages ​​. This was stated by Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed autonomy Sergey Aksenov. 9:45 . Tuesday, March 11 The Finance Ministry will submit a draft transition Crimea Crimea in the ruble zone.9:39 . Ukrainians Stuttgart staged a protest against the military aggression of Russia in the Crimea. Per share were more than a hundred people. 8:54 . A self-proclaimed Prime Minister Sergei Aksenov autonomy Aksenov said that Ukrainian enterprises in Simferopol , using natural resources of the peninsula, will be transferred to the ownership of BP Crimea. 8:26 . China stands for the resolution of the current situation in Ukraine " political and diplomatic means ." At 07:30. If Russia will not de-escalation of tension in their invasion of the Ukraine , the EU will have to move to the next level of sanctions. This was stated by Foreign Minister Frank- Walter Steinmeier .

Putin's plan for Ukraine.

According to the results of Putin's speech in front of reporters to clarify the situation with Ukraine. While watching his performance live , there is a strong feeling of emptiness . That is - was a standard set of words , places - truthful , sometimes - outright lies ( for example, when he called the Russian troops "self- Crimea" ), but - template ... After some time, realized what was happening. Putin has never uttered the acronym " NATO " . And everything fell into place . It became apparent that it is necessary to look not at what he said , and that he wanted to hide . So, if you want to ask something Putin , then I 'll stay in it and tell you what he did not dare to voice . Why Russia is embroiled in Ukrainian squabbling ? When the Russian leadership has realized that Yanukovych loses, it became clear that power in Ukraine come radical pro-Western forces . With this new leadership of Ukraine will sign an agreement with the mandatory EU - they came to power on a wave of union with the EU and Russia denial , to do otherwise they could not. After that, you would expect the revision of treaties on the Black Sea Fleet bases , and in the future could appear in Ukraine NATO base . Opportunity to get another missile defense site near Belgorod, Russia's leadership is not happy . For Russia - a threat to national security (in any case, the Russian authorities perceive it that way ) . Actually, the only threat to national security and could push Putin to take such drastic measures . As was evident from his speeches, no tender feelings towards Yanukovych he does not feel the danger of such a step is well aware , the decision to invade was not spontaneous. Will Russia impose Ukraine Yanukovych? No, I will not. Russia does not care what will happen to Ukraine and whoever is in power . In this case, no political interests in Ukraine we have . Moreover , assessing the level of the organization , which now operates Russia , we can conclude that the invasion plan developed for a long time , and worked out in detail . Most likely, it typesets still at the stage when President Yanukovych held talks on association with the EU , and if he does not backpedaled , we now have observed exactly the same picture , just as " benderovtsa , sells his soul to the devil " now would act Yanukovych himself ... How Russia intends to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and the EU? NATO and EU statutes do not allow the presence of the candidate countries have territorial disputes with its neighbors. Thus, the Russian plan is simple - to create a territorial dispute between Russia and Ukraine. As the object of this territorial dispute was chosen for obvious reasons Crimea . Sent there , Russian special services and the army, which provoked separatist sentiments of local residents. Presumably, very soon Crimea declares its independence and the desire to join Russia . Russia will undoubtedly have Crimea possible assistance , but , nevertheless , in its formal composition Crimea will not because Russia needs is a territorial conflict . I believe that , even if the leaders of Ukrainian directory suddenly want to give Russia the Crimea - and thus resolve the territorial dispute - Russia will not do . What about the Donbas , Lugansk, Odessa ? Other Ukraine Russia is not needed, according to a press conference , Putin surprised many performances in continental Ukraine. They , unlike the Crimea, were not initiated by the Russian special services , and how to respond to them , he does not know yet . In terms of " perfidious capture of Ukraine" in these regions is not, and what to do with them , is unclear. Therefore oligarchs appointed Kiev " looking" for problematic regions can relax. One particularly strongly in Donetsk , Lugansk , Odessa and the rest of the south- eastern regions will not fight . However, if the locals are separated SAMI their cities , it is quite possible , and Russia will take them too. But specifically to fight for them , no one will . Too much land, too much trouble , too much money is needed to invest there . Our take these regions only in extreme cases . West's reaction ? West was aware of the planned introduction of troops . Anyway, the main political players . For example in Canada was very clearly shows how the media unwrapped public opinion. First oddities in covering the events were observed at a time when Kiev were street fights . Then the first began to talk about the fact that peaceful protesters show violence against police . We must understand that Canadian police - is sacred , and violence against police is absolutely not acceptable . After entering the Russian troops in the Crimea became roughly the ether ( sketch from life ) 1. Serves local zaborostroitelnogo University professor with a terrible Russian accent ( Frome May Hurt ) , who tells what Russia is bad . 2 . Serves local Canadian professor , who says that it is so , but we (Canada) absolutely nothing he can do about it. 3 . Speaker government representative , who says that Canada , of course, can not do anything , but they have a Russian ambassador , though he now recalled , but will definitely come back and will negotiate with Putin. 4 . Canadian acts , who now lives in Donetsk, which supports the deployment of Russian troops in the Ukraine and says, they say , " it's time ." Previously, this was not even close , showed peaceful protesters . Economic sanctions ? They will not, in any case - tangible . That fall of the ruble , which occurred on Monday, not a system , it's just panic , which should subside . Depreciation of the ruble recent months due to the increase of yield on the U.S. stock market, an IPO record number of companies and, accordingly, the outflow of capital from Russia . Global shocks in the economy can be expected. What awaits the Ukrainian army? All military camps in the Crimea either surrender or be taken by storm. No gray armed forces in the Crimea with Russia incomprehensible jurisdiction will not tolerate . On the " storm" send civilians if Ukrainian military will shoot - they smash into the trash . Fee for independence? Hitherto Russia paid independent republics of the former USSR . Apparently, this holiday comes to an end of the abdomen . Kiev directory pay bills in Russia currently does not intend to . Thus Putin argues that the IMF was opposed to Russia gave Ukraine loans. Because de IMF wants to make these loans under the Ukrainian authorities to reform the economy . What is the " IMF conditions " , it became known today . It is clear that Putin knew about these conditions before. Do they know about it all Ukrainian power? Most of all - know , but did not serve . Although that had just received a message : " The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine deployed border border checkpoints Crimea and Kherson region. Checkpoints deployed near settlements Salkovo , Kalanchak and Chaplinka . They strengthened military mobile border units , the Interior Ministry and the Armed Forces of Ukraine ." That is, the Ukrainian government is preparing for a possible separation of the Crimea. At the moment is only intrigue is separated from the Crimea in Ukraine only , or together with some other depart territory. But it has been dependent solely on activity of the population of these territories. What will happen with Ukraine? What is the IMF all know , the leaders of the new Ukrainian government also special needs no introduction . Sure Tips West and IMF loans will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on the Ukrainian economy , which is in deep crisis. Ship "Ukraine" finally stops rust laid up and sail forward - towards freedom and genuine democracy. CH 7

Twin Lakes

Invasion of Ukraine: the latest developments in the Crimea and in the southeast.

09:30. Ukrainian Igor Gul'ko midshipman during events food supply ships " Slavutich" and " Ternopil " who are under siege of the Russian military , asked his partner to shoot at the camera his conversation with machine gunners , then to " Vladimir Putin fool not included ."  
7:58 . In Kiev Maidan self-defense took custody of the Russian embassy to avoid provocations.
7:33 . Near Kiev unknown robbed your house ex- Attorney General Victor Pshonka and made it a pogrom .
6:50 . In Washington Ukrainians Protest Russian military incursion into the territory of Ukraine.
5:47 . Crimean authorities are not technically able to hold a referendum on autonomy entry into Russia , which is scheduled for March 16 , the deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission Maguera .
5:16 . According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs , in Odessa police identified firearms and cold steel for protesters against the new government.
5:05 . According to some media reports, in the Crimea suddenly lost communication with the Ukrainian military.
5:04 . The first time in 27 years Odessa will not celebrate the International Day of laughter because of the events in Ukraine. 4:19 . Netherlands authorities arrested " several hundred million euros " suspicious Ukrainian assets , Finance Minister of the Netherlands Jeroen Deysselblum . According to him, it comes to money , are associated with entities controlled by former representatives of Ukrainian authorities of 18 people.
4:13 . It became known that in Ukraine go British experts to investigate corruption by members of the old regime. 3:25 . GPU began investigating attempts to join the Crimea to Russia.
3:05 . Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama said that Russia can not ignore addressed to her calls for help from the Crimea and acts appropriately .
1:55 . In Donetsk airport unknown try to capture the tower UkSATSE .
1:08 . Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko at the Congress of the European People's Party, said that Ukraine lost , the world will lose stability.
00:30 . British Prime Minister David Cameron did not consider the legality of the referendum on the status of Crimea , but said that in general, the negotiations around the situation in Ukraine has been progress .
00:15 . U.S. Department of Defense in the near future intends to send to Poland 12 F-16 fighters to participate in military exercises .